Who are the Stateside Jacks?

An official U.S-based supporters group of Swansea City AFC.

How do I become a member of the Stateside Jacks?

Only U.S-based Swansea City fans can become a member by clicking HERE

Membership is at no-cost.

Why do we support the Swans?

We closely identify with the history of the club, the type of football it plays and its passionate fan base.

A large percentage of Stateside Jacks members have close links to Swansea and Wales through family or friends.

What is our relationship with Swansea City AFC?

The Stateside Jacks is an official international supports group affiliated with Swansea City AFC.

Where is my local Swans Supporters group?

There are 21 regional supporter’s groups based throughout the U.S. You can find the nearest to you HERE.

How do I start a regional Swans Supporters group in the USA?

The best place to start is by reaching out to us at from where we can place you in touch with one of our regional representatives who can help you and provide advice/guidance in setting up a regional supporters group

How do we watch/attend games?

We watch games together at regional get-togethers each weekend – typically at regular selected bars or taverns. Attendance at live games are typically during pre-season tours to the U.S or by a group of Stateside Jacks members travelling together to Swansea during a season.

How can I order/add the Stateside Jacks sleeve patch?

Stateside Jacks supporters group sleeve patches are available for order via the Swansea City club shop website at You will need to order one of the home/away/third kit jerseys, select the customize your kit option and finally select the option to add a Stateside Jacks sleeve patch to your order (an additional $7.68).

What is a Jack/What does YJB stand for?

A Jack is an affectionate term for a person that hails from the city of Swansea. The origin of the term ‘Swansea Jack’ is often debated, with two popular opinions. The first references the sailors from the Swansea area known as “Jolly Jack Tars”, the second references a brave local dog named “Jack” that rescued 27 people from drowning in Swansea Docks during the 1930’s.  

YJB is a popular phrase used for individuals that support Swansea City Football Club (You Jack Bastard).

What is SA1?

SA1 is known as the postal code/area of the central part of the city of Swansea.

What are the Swansea City Songs/Chants?

Swansea Oh Swansea

Swansea Til I Die

Hymns and Arias

Cardiff City Falling Down/In the Cardiff Slums

Falling in Love with You


What a Beautiful Day

Just Can’t Get Enough

When did Swansea City AFC form?

1912 and were co-founder members of the Division Two (South) League.

Where do the Swans play?

The Liberty Stadium (previously the Vetch Field).

Who are some of the Swans famous/all-time favorite players?

Alan Curtis

Robbie James

Lee Trundle

Leon Britton

Wyndham Evans

Ferrie Bodde

Nigel Stevenson

John Cornforth

Ivor Allchurch

John Charles

Mel Charles

John Toshack

Harry Griffiths


Who is the club mascot?

Cyril and Cybil the Swan

Which club are the Swans arch rivals?

Cardiff City AFC

What leagues/cups/honors does the club have?

English second tier (currently Football League Championship)

       Promoted (1): 1980–81

       Play-off winners (1): 2010–11

English third tier (currently Football League One)

       Winners (3): 1924–25, 1948–49, 2007–08

       Promoted (1): 1978–79

English fourth tier (currently Football League Two)

       Winners (1): 1999–2000

       Promoted (3): 1969–70, 1977–78, 2004–05

       Play-off winners (1): 1987–88

Welsh Football League – Welsh Top Division (Swansea Town/City Reserves) – Record

       Winners (12): 1912–13, 1924–25, 1925–26, 1933–34, 1934–35, 1935–36, 1950–51, 1961–62,

       1962-63, 1963–64, 1964–65, 1975–76

Football League Cup

       Winners (1): 2012–13

       Football League Trophy Winners (2): 1993–94, 2005–06

Welsh Cup

       Winners (10): 1912–13, 1931–32, 1949–50, 1960–61, 1965–66, 1980–81, 1981–82, 1982–83, 1988–89, 1990–91

FAW Premier Cup

       Winners (2): 2004–05, 2005–06