Stateside Jacks' updated position.

Dear Stateside Jacks Members,

We are pleased to confirm that during the past week the Stateside Jacks committee in its capacity as an Official International Supporters club convened a meeting with both the majority shareholder group and a representative of senior management of Swansea City football club.

At that meeting the Stateside Jacks committee was able to fully represent and appropriately discuss a wide range of concerns on behalf of its member base. While the outcome of the discussion leaves us with some elements of unresolved concerns for the future of Swansea City football club, we are pleased to announce that we have opened an official channel of communication with club ownership which both parties have agreed to explore further.

While we feel it is in the best interests of both the Stateside Jacks Official International Supporters and Swansea City football club that the details of this week’s discussion remain private, we can confirm that the Stateside Jacks committee has been asked by the shareholder group and senior management to consider voluntary collaboration with the club in an official supporter’s advisory capacity.

We want to assure each of you that the shareholder group has heard your concerns and that they wish to work with us in order to build a relationship of honesty, understanding and trust. As always it is the Stateside Jacks committee’s responsibility to represent the voice of its member base, in doing so we will be as transparent as we can on the outcome of our discussions with the caveat that we will not be able to disclose any information that the club has requested we retain as private.

Onward …

Marc and Jonathan