Big news!

"Hiya! Our first annual Stateside Jack's get together is going to take place. This year we have decided to be hosted by the NYC Jack's. Trust me, no regional or personal biases went into that decision. This southerner actually first suggested the heart of yankeedom. As part of our first annual meeting we will be holding several events. The first is an online auction and the second is an in person raffle. This is where yall come in. Myself and Marc will try to get items from both Swansea and the US for items. However we would very much like to ask for possible donations or even ideas. If you have a donation or idea, please private message myself. There is no hard deadline yet on when to message me. We are still working on an official date to host this shin dig. This meeting will be annual with locations alternating from Swansea to somewhere Stateside. Although I highly recommend just going to Swansea whenever you can, except during the stateside meeting of course. It's a wonderful place full of wonderful warm hearted people. Again, please private message for donation or ideas. Thank yall so much and cant wait to have a great time with yall in the heart of yankeedom! (Sorry not sorry for my sourtherness!)