Thank you


I just wanted to say thank you for making this season an unforgettable one. I would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned going into this season wondering if we would have the same interactions throughout the season as the year before. Having the team go down really gave us the opportunity to not only show local Swansea fans, but to each other, that our passion for this club goes beyond the Prem.

Thank you, to Jon, David, Brian for coming on the infamous conference call and taking on all the criticism that came along with it. The mental fortitude you all showed was admirable.

Thank you to Brain and Dave from The Football Farm podcast for consistently putting on a show for us without asking for any monetary reward every week providing us coverage on our team.

Thank you to those who made the pilgrimage to Swansea. It makes no difference if you went with the large group in April or if you have traveled at any point on your own. Wonderful memoires were made and the idea of having American fans for Swansea has finally (I think) been accepted by the locals. Massive thanks to the Williams family for actually taking us under their wings in Swansea and being the best group of people we couldn't have been luckier.

Thank you, to those who hosted viewing parties throughout the season at all hours of the morning and consistently promote our club on social media platforms and represent this group the best way they can.

Thank you, to everyone who has purchased shirts, partook in game day threads, and even gone as far as getting a Swansea tattoo, you all are the bread and butter of this group. I can't thank everyone enough for making this group of 348 members what it is.

Ah, just one more time,

Thank you.