New Season Approaches!

With the season quickly approaching I think it is time to get this ship up and running! Before I move forward, I want to again thank everyone who has helped build this group and turn it into what it has become today! Without each of you this group would not be almost 400 registered members!

As many of you know, running a group like this requires countless hours of unpaid work and without the support you all provide form buying merch and spreading the word about Stateside Jacks it would be tough to stay afloat!

We are currently looking for new members to step up to the plate to join the board in continuing to make our group the best supporters group in the USA! With that said, the following departments will be looking for assistance:

Social Media

Event Planning

Graphic Design

Newsletter Committee

Member Ambassador

Facebook Moderators


Please note, we do not expect you to drop everything for this club and the roles you volunteer for, but we do ask that you respect our time as we will respect your time. Any and all help is welcomed so please do not feel shy to comment below with questions or message me directly. (still waiting to hear from Jon and others to see if they is still on board this season)

Thanks, Marc

Thank you


I just wanted to say thank you for making this season an unforgettable one. I would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned going into this season wondering if we would have the same interactions throughout the season as the year before. Having the team go down really gave us the opportunity to not only show local Swansea fans, but to each other, that our passion for this club goes beyond the Prem.

Thank you, to Jon, David, Brian for coming on the infamous conference call and taking on all the criticism that came along with it. The mental fortitude you all showed was admirable.

Thank you to Brain and Dave from The Football Farm podcast for consistently putting on a show for us without asking for any monetary reward every week providing us coverage on our team.

Thank you to those who made the pilgrimage to Swansea. It makes no difference if you went with the large group in April or if you have traveled at any point on your own. Wonderful memoires were made and the idea of having American fans for Swansea has finally (I think) been accepted by the locals. Massive thanks to the Williams family for actually taking us under their wings in Swansea and being the best group of people we couldn't have been luckier.

Thank you, to those who hosted viewing parties throughout the season at all hours of the morning and consistently promote our club on social media platforms and represent this group the best way they can.

Thank you, to everyone who has purchased shirts, partook in game day threads, and even gone as far as getting a Swansea tattoo, you all are the bread and butter of this group. I can't thank everyone enough for making this group of 348 members what it is.

Ah, just one more time,

Thank you.

Let's try this again.

Dear Stateside Jacks Members,

We would first like to apologize to everyone for how cryptic our previous statement was. We felt there was a need to inform everyone that we have spoken to the club since our first statement. The club did agree to chat with us, but unfortunately there was much of the conversation that we can not disclose due to our Stateside Jacks agreement with the club.

We would like to clarify the following before we continue; The Swans Trust was aware of the conversation that would be held between Stateside Jacks and the board. Stateside Jacks does not have any equity in the club nor plans to acquire any equity in the future. We are strictly a supporter group for the club created by fans of the club who happen to live in America, Swansea expats and Americans alike. There were no negotiations during this conversation because it was nothing more than a discussion about our frustrations with the current dealings of Swansea City AFC.

While we are not at liberty to disclose all of our questions/comments and responses, there are a few things we can disclose. After our initial post, there was a large amount of frustrated comments and slander thrown towards Stateside Jacks as well as personal threats, which is unacceptable behavior in general. Everything we do is out of love for the club, we have not earned, nor will earn a penny from our association with the Swans.

Here is what we can say about our short, one hour conversation:

1. Jason Levien and Steve Kaplan were not on the call, however two active members of the board were

2. There was no discussion of stock options or plans for SSJ to gain equity in the club

3. We expressed our desire for the club to be more transparent with the Swansea fanbase regarding their current financial status and transfer decisions.

4. The owners have acknowledged that they've mismanaged their PR and wish to change the image of their interaction with the club

We want to assure each of you that the we are doing everything that we can from this side of the pond. While we do not have a stake in the club like the Trust, we just didn’t feel right sitting by doing nothing while the trust fights the good fight. We all want the same thing, which is for Swansea to go back to “The Swansea Way”. The club does wish to work with us as well as the other supporter groups in order to build a relationship of honesty, understanding and trust. As always it is the Stateside Jacks committee’s responsibility to represent the voice of its member base, in doing so we will be as transparent as we can on the outcome of our discussions with the caveat that we will not be able to disclose any information that we consider as private.

Onward …

Stateside Jacks' updated position.

Dear Stateside Jacks Members,

We are pleased to confirm that during the past week the Stateside Jacks committee in its capacity as an Official International Supporters club convened a meeting with both the majority shareholder group and a representative of senior management of Swansea City football club.

At that meeting the Stateside Jacks committee was able to fully represent and appropriately discuss a wide range of concerns on behalf of its member base. While the outcome of the discussion leaves us with some elements of unresolved concerns for the future of Swansea City football club, we are pleased to announce that we have opened an official channel of communication with club ownership which both parties have agreed to explore further.

While we feel it is in the best interests of both the Stateside Jacks Official International Supporters and Swansea City football club that the details of this week’s discussion remain private, we can confirm that the Stateside Jacks committee has been asked by the shareholder group and senior management to consider voluntary collaboration with the club in an official supporter’s advisory capacity.

We want to assure each of you that the shareholder group has heard your concerns and that they wish to work with us in order to build a relationship of honesty, understanding and trust. As always it is the Stateside Jacks committee’s responsibility to represent the voice of its member base, in doing so we will be as transparent as we can on the outcome of our discussions with the caveat that we will not be able to disclose any information that the club has requested we retain as private.

Onward …

Marc and Jonathan